Fundamental concepts of Egalitarianism

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egalitarianismIdeologies on the best social environment for humanity have driven many philosophers, artists, politician and rulers to formulate methods on reaching the zenith of human society. The struggle for the perfect society continues on, starting from the great poets and philosophers of the ancients, to the democratic experiment of the Romans, to the millennial dominance of monarchies and fiefdoms. However one of the most striking ideas is the concept of Egalitarianism. What is Egalitarianism, who formulated it and is such concept practical, these questions will be answered by this short write up.

What is Egalitarianism?

Basically, Egalitarianism is the concept where everyone is equal. No one is greater than the other and everyone treats others as equals. It is an ideology based on mutual respect and the confirmation that other people are not higher in status or under another person’s dominance. In a pure egalitarian society, there would be no leaders, decisions are always made by the group and only through the group’s consent that matters of issue are resolved. The repercussions of pure egalitarian are the abhorrence to rules, especially if made by a single person. However, the broader concept of Egalitarianism which is the total recognition of every human being as equals is the main virtue of this ideology.

Egalitarianism in society

For centuries, the equal treatment of every human being is not that prominent. Centuries of discrimination have plagued almost all cultures that ever existed. The demeaning of other cultures is one of the most despicable social sicknesses of humanity. It was the catalyst to most of the major conflicts in human history and has claimed the lives of millions of people. Egalitarianism is the cure to discrimination. The total acceptance of other people as your equals in every respect will end social conflicts. This is the reasoning, proponents of Egalitarianism push through.

Egalitarianism in work

Providing equal opportunity to everyone, no matter what race, creed, ideology, sexual orientation and nationality is the cornerstone of Egalitarianism in the corporate world. Egalitarianism provides a good environment of everyone to realize their dreams and be productive. It is an important concept, which many businesses and corporation hold dear.

Egalitarianism is a noble concept which societies must implement, however in a macro-scale, Egalitarianism becomes somewhat impractical. Nevertheless, the basic concept of treating others as equals and providing everyone the fair and equal chance to live life as they see fit is foundation of democracy, which many people enjoy today.